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A Venetian Canal


I have always enjoyed drawing as a child. Unfortunately growing up I was not allowed to do art at school. During this time, I always had the idea that unless you were taught art you couldn’t paint. This idea stayed with me for a long time.

One year my daughter gave me art supplies for my birthday. She gave me canvases, paint, brushes everything I would need to paint. She said to me “here you go mum, no excuses”. She planted the seed and let it grow, it was almost like I had permission to let go of the idea that art needs to be taught.

After a month, when nobody was around I had a photo I really liked, so I got the paint and canvas out and started painting, I fell in love! I felt energised and didn’t want to stop creating.

After the first 14 months I had painted so many pieces that I had my fist exhibition. My first exhibition was in Petone. It was a bittersweet moment. My friends all encouraged me to hold an exhibition. One friend, named Shirley made me promise to hold an exhibition. Shirley was dying, she pulled me aside while in respite care, and said to me “Now remember, you made me a promise to hold an exhibition of your work”. Shortly after she passed away. I fulfilled my promise to Shirley and held the exhibition.

From there I decided that I would like to learn the technical aspects of art and learn about the backgrounds of different artists, so I enrolled at the Inverlochy Art School in Wellington. I completed a Master’s Class, it took me a while. I would head into Wellington, one evening a week for four years.

My confidence in being able to create beautiful artworks improved dramatically. I was hooked, I loved it, it came through in my work. Once I completed the Master’s Class I found a space to create. I went to Toi Poneke and in my own studio, I painted, I created beautiful artwork for about four years.

While at Toi Poneke I talked to other artist, they were a very eclectic interesting bunch of people, who shared their experiences with me. I really enjoyed involved in the artist community at Toi Poneke. I even exhibited my work at Toi Poneke with my fellow artists.

I was enjoying being an artist, in this eclectic community and then thought what else? What else can I learn? I enrolled in the Diploma of creative Art at the Learning Connexion, where I have completed my first year of study part time and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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