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The Design Process - Oamaru Stone Petals

This update is about the process I underwent to create an Oamaru Stone piece.

I modelled the initial idea from Plastalina. Using a 500mm x 300mm x 300mm block of Oamaru Stone I sketched a rough layout of my model. This was used to remove excess stone.

Working from the bottom using a rasp the rounded base was formed. Keeping the rounded shape gradually working down to the top of the form. Flaring out in preparation of the petal shapes.

Inverting the stone so that the top of the form was up, I drilled down into the centre to ease the removal of stone. I marked out the petal position and shaped it roughly.

With the form on its side, I cut in the approximate base of the holes between petals continuing shaping the petals.

With the base rounded, I spent time cutting down the separate petals and gradually shaping them.

Etching from the hole at the bottom of petals I spent time working them into the base to give the feeling of overlapping petals.

Shaping up the petals I gradually removed more and more stone, I popped the plastalina model into the stone flower. With more and more shaping from this point the stone became very fragile.

Carefully, I shaped the inside of the form, always supporting the fragile petals. Finally the completed form.

The form with a crystal and light inserted.

I learnt a lesson on how fragile Oamaru Stone can be. One petal broke so after thinking about it I made a dropped petal carved into the form. A happy accident as I prefer the new version.

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