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My work is for anyone who appreciates art. Art can be many things to different people, it can be a childhood memory, it can be a reminder of laughter, love and kindness shared. It can be a reminder of a loved pet, art can also be a journey travelled, a feeling, a touch, a previous experience. People make different judgments on what it means to them and how they feel. The people who buy my work have found meaning in these pieces. Whether they like it, whether it fits in with their home decor, or how it speaks to them. People see different aspects to my art.

I hope to post regular updates on my website of all the interesting things that I have learnt on my journey. I love what I do and want to share the experience with you. Subscribe for regular updates.

As a member of the Hutt Art Society, I have paintings in many private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, Italy as well as some in United States.

If you're interested in buying any artworks, please feel free to get in touch by emailing me via the Contact page.

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