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I offer a variety of work. I love to paint landscapes, seascapes, portraiture and animals. I also paint on commission for a variety of clients. I intuitively paint, using the way I feel as a guide. You could say that I “go with my gut” using emotions to create beauty. I love doing art, it gives me great satisfaction to create something beautiful that can be displayed in people’s homes.

As a stone carver, working with Oamaru stone. I get a lot of satisfaction creating beautiful forms (except when they break). I am relatively new to this art form however it excites me. I enjoy incorporating light and other things, like crystal and glass balls to Oamaru stone to give it life. By adding light and reflection, it enhances the Oamaru stone’s form. For me, Oamaru Stone carving is about working with the stone and uncovering its true form and creating shadows and light.

I also enjoy experimenting with different mediums. I work with glass, aluminium and bronze casting. Again, I really enjoy creating form from an initial idea.

I do every now and then play with abstract painting. It’s not my first choice of subject, but I am still learning and extending my experience in this area.

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

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